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  • FUN FACT: Take a look at any sentence in English. What letter will you see most? The letter “e”.

    There is a huge shortage of cybersecurity experts in the United States. To bridge this gap, Girls Go Cyber Start’s mission is to give high school girls the chance to discover whether they have an aptitude for computer science and cybersecurity through a fun, free and interactive online program full of digital challenges. Through Girls Go Cyber Start, students can explore exciting career opportunities in the field, join the global cybersecurity community, and learn the techniques they need to keep our country safe online.If this sounds like fun to you, stop by Mrs. Ford's room 506 to get more details.

    If you are auditioning for Little Shop of Horrors, there has been a change to the audition dates due to illness in the casting panel. The new dates are Monday and Tuesday of next week. If you have any questions, please speak with or email Ms. Bartos

    There have been very few participants sign up for this year’s Beauty and Beau pageant. The deadline has been extended until Friday the 24th. Please see Mrs. Harkleroad in room 311 for more info.

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    2019-2020 Worksheet
    2019-2020 AP and College Classes

    American Lube Fast located on Washington Avenue will donate $5.00 to St. Martin High School for each oil change when you say you are a Yellow Jacket Fan. In addition, you will receive 10 percent off. Please tell everyone you know the key phrase as we are trying to generate funds for new computers, laptops, and IPADS for student and staff use.

    Remind Text to sign up: send a text to
    Message will be
    SENIORS: @2020smgrad
    JUNIORS: @2021smgrad
    SOPHOMORES: @2022smgrad
    FRESHMEN: @2023smgrad
    Students and parents can sign-up for the reminders using the phone number and message above. This is a good way to keep up with what is going on with your class. You can opt-out of messages at any time by replying, unsubscribe @what ever group you are in ex. unsubscribe@21grad21, if you were signed up for the freshmen remind.


    We're loyal to St. Martin High
    We're proud of the gold and blue
    We got a team that is fine
    And a team that will shine
    And a team that's tried and true


    Go down the field to victory
    Our spirits are right with you
    So go out tonight, YOU yellow jackets and fight
    For the gold and the blue
    STING 'EM!!

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    The mission of the Jackson County School District is to provide a safe, nurturing environment conducive to quality education wherein all students have the opportunity to obtain the essential skills necessary to achieve the goals of their choice and to become responsible, productive citizens.