J - Students

JAA - Equal Educational Opportunities

JAB - Student Handbooks

JB - Students Complaints of Sexual Discrimination/Harassment - Title IX

JBB - Entrance Age

JBC - Student Admissions

JBCB - Education of the Homeless School Age Children

JBCCA - Assignment to Schools

JBCD - Transfers and Withdrawals of Students

JBCDA - Students Transferring from Non-Accredited Schools and Home Study

JBD - Absentee Policy (Students)

JCAC - Child Abuse Reporting Policy

JCD - Student Code of Conduct

JCDAD - Bus Conduct

JD - Student Discipline

JDA - Corporal Punishment

JDAA - School Safety and Weapons on School Property

JDAB - Student Drug Testing

JDB - Anti-Hazing

JDC - Bullying

JDCA - Student Restraint & Seclusion

JDD - Procedure for Dealing with Long-Term Suspension or Expulsion

JDH - Student Discipline (Students with Disabilities)

JDI - De-Escalation Room Usage

JDRHD - Summer Training Tech Prep Teachers

JF - Valedictorian and Salutatorian Recognition for Academic Achievement

JFA - Academic Achievement

JGC - Student Health Services

JGCB - Health Policies Regarding Immunizations and Medications

JGCBA - Asthma Medications

JGCC - Communicable Diseases

JGCE - Pandemic Policy

JGF - Unsafe School Choice Option

JGFB - Leaving School Grounds

JGFC - Student Transportation - Technology Center

JGFF - Traffic Control on Campuses

JH - Eligibility for Extracurricular Participation

JHA - Student Message at Athletic Events

JHB - Concussion Management and Return To Play

JHC - Student Organizations and Extracurricular Activities

JN - Academic Awards and Honors

JQH - Dropout Prevention

JQKA - International/Foreign Exchange Students

JR - Student Records - Family and Student Privacy Policy

JRA - Student Records

JRAC - MSIS Policy

JRB - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

JS - Fee Policy