G - Personnel

GAAA - Equal Opportunity Employment

GAB - Teacher Handbooks

GABA -Mississippi Educator Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct Code

GAC - Staff Decision-Making / Staff Community Relations

GAD - Professional Development

GADA - Special Needs Training

GAE  - Staff Grievance Procedure

GAEA - Title IX / Section 504 Americans with Disabilities Act Procedures

GAEB - Personnel Appraisal Grievance Procedure

GAHB- Political Activity of Staff Members

GAHD - Tobacco Free Environment

GAK - Personnel Records

GAMA - Supervision of Students

GAMB - Reporting of Violent Acts Procedures

GAN - Suicide Prevention

GBA - Professional Personnel Qualifications and Duties

GBC - Professional Personnel Recruitment and Employment

GBCA - Employment in Special Programs

GBCAB - Special Education Personnel Fully Funded by IDEA Part B

GBCAC - Special Education Personnel Partially Funded by IDEA Part B

GBCB - Assistant Teacher Test Administration

GBDB - Districtwide Salary Schedule

GBE - Professional Personnel Assignment

GBI- Evaluation of Certified Staff

GBJ - Nepotism

GBK - Professional Personnel Suspension / Dismissal

GBKA - Reduction in Certified Staff (RIF)

GBN - Professional Personnel Separation

GBNA - Safety Policy

GBO - Drug and Alcohol Policy

GBR - Drug-Free Workplace

GBRA - Sexual Harassment

GBRB -  District Staff Cell Phone Policy

GBRC - Professional Personnel Work Load

GBRF - Staff Travel (Out-of-District / In-District)

GBRHA -  Return to Work Policy

GBRHB - Professional Leave - Certified Personnel

GBRHC - Jury Duty / Court Summons

GBRIA - Family Medical Leave Act

GBRIB - Donating and Receiving Leave

GBRJ - Substitute Teacher / Administrator Pay

GBRL - Drug Free Schools and Workplace

GBRM- Drug Testing Policy

GCD - Employment Non-Certified Personnel

GCE - Vacancies Professional Staff

GCRHA - Vacations

GDRH - Leaves and Absences

GDRHB-2 - Authority for Emergency Closings

GDRHC - Overtime and Compensatory Time

GDRHD - Insurance for Retirees

GDRHG- Non-Certified Substitute Pay

GFA - Job Description: Assistant Superintendent - Central Office

GFAA - Job Description: Director of Human Resources and Risk Management

GFAAA - Job Description:  Director of Curriculum and Central Office Administration

GFAAB - Job Description: Personnel Insurance Clerk

GFAAC - Job Description: Receptionist - Central Office

GFAAD - Job Description: Secretary to the Superintendent and 16th Section Land Clerk

GFAAE - Job Description: Board of Education Secretary

GFAAF - Job Description: Executive Assistant

GFAB - Job Description: Director of Special Education

GFABB - Job Description: Psychologist

GFABC - Job Description: Psychometrist

GFABD - Job Description: Corrective Therapist

GFABE - Job Description: Secretary to Special Education Director

GFABF - Job Description: Nurse (Special Education)

GFABFA - Job Description: Nurse

GFABFB - Job Description: Physical Therapist

GFABG - Job Description: Transition Coordinator

GFABH - Job Description: Teacher Aide Special Education

GFABHA - Job Description: Personal Care Assistant

GFABHB - Job Description: Interpreter for the Hearing Impaired

GFABI - Job Description: Educational Technicians

GFABJ - Job Description: Special Education Case Manager

GFABK - Job Description: Bilingual Tutors

GFABL - Job Description: Home / Community Liaison

GFABM - Job Description: Positive Behavior Specialist

GFABN - Job Description: Transition Specialist

GFABO - Job Description: Occupational Therapist

GFABP - Job Description: Local Survey Committee Member (LSC)

GFABQ - Job Description: Meet Team Central Office

GFABR - Job Description: Summer Curriculum Worker

GFABS - Job Description: Fab Lab Manager

GFABU - Job Description Mobile Fab Lab Program Facilitator

GFABV - Job Description FABLAB STEM Instructional Specialist

GFAC - Job Description: Director of School Food Service

GFACA - Job Description: School Food Service Coordinator

GFACB - Job Description: Cafeteria Manager

GFACC - Job Description: School Food Service Worker

GFAD - Job Description: Director of Career and Technology Education

GFAE - Job Description: Technology Director

GFAEA - Job Description: Computer Technician

GFAEB - Job Description: School-Based Technology Assistant

GFAEC - Job Description: Computer Technician II

GFAED - Job Description: Technology Trainer/Facilitator

GFAEE - Job Description:  Associate Director of Information Technology

GFAEF - Job Description:  IT Infrastructure Technician I

GFAEG - Job Description:  Instructional Technology Specialist

GFAF - Job Description: Staff Accountant

GFAFA - Job Description Federal Grant Accountant

GFAFB - Job Description Federal Programs Coordinator

GFAG - Job Description: District Curriculum Director

GFAGA - Job Description:  Instructional Coach

GFAGB - Job Description:  ACT Instructional Coach

GFAH - Job Description: District Bookkeeper

GFAI - Job Description: Secretary to Business Manager

GFAJ - Job Description: Business Office Clerk

GFAK - Job Description: Business Manager

GFAL - Job Description: Assistant Business Manager

GFAM - Job Description:  Payroll Agent

GFAN - Job Description:  Purchasing Agent

GFB - Job Description: Assistant Superintendent - Attendance Center

GFBA - Job Description: High School Principal

GFBB - Job Description: Middle School Principal

GFBC - Job Description: Elementary Principal

GFBCA - Job Description: Assistant Principal

GFBCB - Job Description: Administrative Assistant

GFBCC - Job Description: Teacher

GFBCCA -  Job Description: Library Media Specialist

GFBCD - Job Description: Assistant Teacher (Aide)

GFBCE - Job Description: Career Center Technician

GFBCF - Job Description: Guidance Counselor

GFBCG - Job Description: Distance Learning Facilitator

GFBCH - Job Description: Director of Student Services/Federal Programs

GFBCI - Job Description: Homebound Teacher

GFBCJ - Job Description: TST Instructional Interventionist

GFBCJA - Job Description of EL Instructional Interventionist

GFBCK - Job Description: School Web Master

GFBCL - Job Description:  Local School Title I Facilitator

GFBD - Job Description: Athletic Director

GFBDA - Job Description: 7th Grade Football Coach

GFBDAA - Job Description:  High School Track Coach

GFBDAC - Job Description:  High School Volleyball Coach

GFBDAD - Job Description:  High School Band Director

GFBDAE - Job Description High School Assistant Band Director

GFBDAEA - Job Description Band Technical Assistant

GFBDAF - Job Description High School Cheerleader Coach

GFBDAFA - Job Description: High School Assistant Cheerleader Coach

GFBDAG - Job Description:  High School Choral Director

GFBDAH - Job Description:  High School Dance Team Coach

GFBDAI - Job Description:  High School Assistant Volleyball Coach

GFBDB - Job Description: 7th Grade Assistant Football Coach

GFBDC - Job Description: 7th Grade Basketball Coach (Boys & Girls)

GFBDD - Job Description: 8th Grade Football Coach

GFBDE - Job Description: 8th Grade Assistant Football Coach

GFBDF - Job Description: 8th Grade Basketball Coach (Boys & Girls)

GFBDG - Job Description: 9th Grade Basketball Coach (Boys & Girls)

GFBDH - Job Description: 9th Grade or Middle School Head Baseball Coach

GFBDHA - Job Description: 9th Grade or Middle School Assistant Baseball Coach

GFBDI - Job Description: Middle School Band Director

GFBDIA - Job Description:  Assistant Middle School Band Director

GFBDJ - Job Description: Middle School Cheerleader Sponsor

GFBDK - Job Description: Middle School Track Coach

GFBDL - Job Description: 9th Grade or Middle School Head Softball Coach

GFBDLA - Job Description: 9th Grade or Middle School Assistant Softball Coach

GFBDM - Job Description: High School Head Football Coach

GFBDN - Job Description: High School Assistant Head Football Coach

GFBDO - Job Description: High School Head Basketball Coach

GFBDP - Job Description: High School Assistant Head Basketball Coach

GFBDQ - Job Description: High School Head Baseball Coach

GFBDR - Job Description: High School Assistant Head Baseball Coach

GFBDS - Job Description: High School Head Softball Coach

GFBDT - Job Description: High School Assistant Softball Coach

GFBDW - Job Description: High School Golf Coach

GFBDX - Job Description: High School Head Soccer Coach

GFBDY - Job Description: High School Assistant Head Soccer Coach

GFBDZ - Job Description: High School Tennis Coach

GFBDAA - Job Description: High School Track Coach

GFBDAB - Job Description: High School Cross Country Coach

GFBDAC -  Job Description: High School Volleyball Coach

GFBDAD - Job Description: High School Band Director

GFBDAE - Job Description: High School Assistant Band Director

GFBDAF - Job Description: High School Cheerleader Sponsor

GFBDAG - Job Description: High School Choral Director

GFBDAH - Job Description: High School Dance Team Coach

GFBDAI - Job Description: High School Asst Volleyball Coach

GFBE - Job Description: Transportation Supervisor

GFBEA - Job Description: School Bus Drivers

GFBEB - Job Description: Bus Aide

GFBF - Job Description: Mechanic-School Buses and Equipment

GFBG - Job Description: Maintenance I

GFBH - Job Description: Maintenance II

GFBHA-1 Job Description Facilities Manager

GFBHA - Job Description:  HVAC Technician

GFBI - Job Description: Job Coach

GFBJ - Job Description: School Resource Officer

GGA - Salary Scale:  Assistant Superintendent

GGB - Salary Scale: Computer Technician Payroll/Purchasing Agent

GGBA - Salary Scale: Administrative

GGBAA - Salary Scale: Computer Technician II

GGBB - Salary Scale: Supplement Scale

GGBC - Teacher Salary Scale

GGBD - Teacher Assistants/Aides/Library Aides/ELL/ISI Monitor

GGBDB - Salary Scale: Mobile Fab Lab Program Facilitator

GGBE - Salary Scale: Custodian/Janitor/Maid

GGBF - Salary Scale: Food Service Employees

GGBG - Salary Scale: School Bus Driver Compensation and Leave

GGBGA - Salary Scale:  School Bus Aide

GGBH  - Salary Scale: Secretarial / Bookkeeping

GGBHA - Salary Scale: Executive Assistant

GGBI - Salary Scale: Maintenance / Mechanic

GGBJ - Salary Scale: Assistant School Nurse

GGBJA - Salary Scale: School Nurse

GGBJB - Salary Scale: Occupational/Physical Therapist

GGBK - Salary Scale:  Food Services/Federal Programs Coordinator

GGBM - Salary Scale: Career Center Technician

GGBN - Salary Scale: Cafeteria Manager

GGBO - Salary Scale: Transition Specialist

GGBP - Salary Scale:  Facilities Manager/HVAC Technician