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  • FUN FACT: Sea Otters hold hands while sleeping so they won’t drift away.

    Swim meet Wednesday night at the Biloxi Natatorium. Last FREE meet, no gate, starts at 5pm. Would love to see some yellowjacket fans cheering on our swimmers!

    CONGRATULATIONS to the following students for being selected as a SMHS Student of the Month:

    Akiera Baker is an amazing young lady who is always polite and cordial. She always says "Good Morning" when she walks in the door and "Bye" as she leaves at the end of class. Not only is she always prepared for class, she participates in productive conversations, and is just an overall great person. Akiera works hard in and out of the classroom, managing her time well while working, playing ball, and completing classwork. Ms. Collier would like to thank her for all of her hard work by recognizing her as a Student of the Month. Congrats, Akiera!!!

    Cadet Anissa Raney is Msgt McCoy's Student of the Month. This is Cadet Raney’s first year at SM. We first met her during the summer leadership camp at Keesler which she attended with her previous high school. Knowing she would be attending St Martin this year, she made a point to get to know the SM cadets and take part in the unit events. She has quickly become a valuable member of the unit assisting with teaching drill, issuing uniforms and volunteering as a timer for the St Martin Swim team. We are very blessed to have Cadet Raney as part of our AF JROTC family. Way to go, Anissa.

    Dr. Humphreys has nominated Scott Alley as a Student of the Month. Scott is a very helpful young man. He is kind and willing to assist anyone at any time. This is also true as he serves the office staff as an aide during 3rd block. He even checks in regarding tasks on Fridays, a day that he does not have to report to 3rd. He has gone to teachers when Dr. Humphreys cannot leave class to assist with getting their computers back online and has built numerous Chrome Carts. Scott always has a “can do” spirit and a smile on his face. For these and many other reasons, Scott Alley is an SMHS Student of the Month.

    Mrs. Markos has nominated in tandum nominating Easton and Sophie Whitehead. Both take their academics very seriously while participating in many school activities as well. The second week of school Easton came to Mrs. Markos asking if she would tutor him for the September ACT as he wants a higher score for a specific scholarship. Of course, the answer was yes. He then asked if his sister could come too. Again, the answer was yes! A schedule was set for them to come at least 3 times a week before school for ACT tutoring, and this will continue till the September ACT test. They were on campus by 7:15 AM, and they stay working on practice tests till 8:25 AM. They are both determined to boost their scores, and Mrs. Markos is so proud of them to sacrifice the extra time to work instead of sleeping or spending time with friends! They are perfect examples for Student of the Month and perfect examples of student athletes!

    Congratulations to each of our SMHS Students of the Month. You need to pick up a form from Ms. Hodges for lunch off campus on Sept 26. We think each of you rock!

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    American Lube Fast located on Washington Avenue will donate $5.00 to St. Martin High School for each oil change when you say you are a Yellow Jacket Fan. In addition, you will receive 10 percent off. Please tell everyone you know the key phrase as we are trying to generate funds for new computers, laptops, and IPADS for student and staff use.

    Remind Text to sign up: send a text to
    Message will be
    SENIORS: @2020smgrad
    JUNIORS: @2021smgrad
    SOPHOMORES: @2022smgrad
    FRESHMEN: @2023smgrad
    Students and parents can sign-up for the reminders using the phone number and message above. This is a good way to keep up with what is going on with your class. You can opt-out of messages at any time by replying, unsubscribe @what ever group you are in ex. unsubscribe@21grad21, if you were signed up for the freshmen remind.


    We're loyal to St. Martin High
    We're proud of the gold and blue
    We got a team that is fine
    And a team that will shine
    And a team that's tried and true


    Go down the field to victory
    Our spirits are right with you
    So go out tonight, YOU yellow jackets and fight
    For the gold and the blue
    STING 'EM!!

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