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    School Wide Call-outs from SMMS

    Parents and students can listen to call-outs from Mrs. Parkman or Dr. Benson at any time. Log in to Active Parent or Active Student and select AIM Messages. Pop-ups must be enabled. A list of school wide call-out files is available to be heard.


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    Updated May 27, 2020

    XPRIZE Announces Video Game Design Challenge for Students -- THE Journal


    Check out Coach Cartwright's video of some masked teachers! Please ignore the one who misunderstood the "masked" part of Coach's email. At least she tried. :)


    Registration Information for School Year 2020-2021 is HERE. The document is 2 pages long. The information is also available in the following languages: Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Hindi, and Portuguese.


    Dear St. Martin Athletes,

    Are you wondering about requirements for the next school year? Click here to get the answers from MHSAA.


    Dear 8th Graders,


    What can you expect in High School? Find out by joining the Class of 2024 Google Classroom Page. Simply go to your Google Classroom page, click the big plus sign, click Join a Class, and enter the class code vvsrqth. Watch the Upcoming Freshmen Presentation below to see what high school life is like. Make sure your sound is on so you can hear the narration.


    Next, go to the Class Selection Form to plan your year by choosing your electives and activities. Be sure to submit the form when you finish so the SMHS counselors can start building your schedules! If they don't get a form from you, they won't know what electives you want. If you want to know more about each course, checkout the Course Selection Guide.


    (I apologize for any issues with files being too large to open and confusion with the wrong links. I hope this makes everything easier. We have not been told a due date for the Class Selection Forms, but get them in soon just to beon the safe side. --D. Balius)


    See more about the Class of 2024 by clicking on the different items in the classroom. Plan for success because we expect it of you!!! 


    Watching you shine,


    Your Teachers, Family, and Friends



    To find Remind codes and staff email addresses, click on Our School and select the approptiate department.


    SMMS Assignment Portal is now up and running. Find all assignments in 1 place! Updates will be made each Sunday. If you do not see your teacher’s assignments here they are in Google Classroom, on Canvas, etc. and other platforms that you normally use in class. (4/27/2020)


    • April 15 - YEARBOOK INFORMATION: Due to closures during the Covid 19 pandemic, the publisher of the SMMS yearbook halted work in their publishing plants. When the factory is allowed to resume work, orders will be completed in the order in which they were received. Give a HUGE THANK YOU to MRS. HAYDEN for submitting the SMMS yearbook for publication before the factory shut down!!! We will continue to update you as we receive news about the status of our yearbooks.

    • April 15 - Coastal Family Health Center is offering free telehealth services for medical and behavioral health needs. There will be no cost to the students, staff, or School District.  For more information, Contact Coastal Family Health @ 601-947-8268.

    • April 15 - Gulfport Behavioral Health System FREE Stress and Anxiety HOTLINE 228-236-2236 available 24 hours/7 days a week.

    • April 15 - Military & Family Life Counselors are available. Click here for more information.





    • March 17 - JCSD is providing "to-go" meals. Click here for details. 



    What's Been Happening at SMMS


    • PLTW Student Austin Bradley Invents Finger Soccer & Uses 3-D Printer to Make Equipment

    Austin Bradley's Finger Soccer  Austin Bradley's Finger Soccer


    • Robotics Program Offering After School Classes in Microsoft Office and Autodesk Inventor

       Click here for details. 

     SMMS archery pic 1 SMMS archery pic 2 SMMS archery pic 3


    • The St. Martin Middle School Archery Team has started to practice in the middle school's gym. The team, led by Coach Matthew Cartwright is going to compete at a tournament in Columbia, MS on February 28th and at the Jackson County Shootout March 14th. The number of archers and those interested in the sport has been impressive. Thank you to Mrs. Parkman for her support of the program as well as Coaches Talley and Simpson for helping get the team up and running.  





    • Thank You to Karen Arguelles and Sam Loomis 

      Arguelles and Loomis SMMS 8th grade Cyber Foundations students send many thanks to Mrs. Karen Arguelles and Mrs. Sam Loomis of The Peoples Bank for spending the day discussing banking, finance, credit, the numerous career possibilities, and so much more with them. Both women explained how to establish credit and stressed the importance of building and maintaining a good credit score. They described how the finance industry depends upon technology and how employees must continue to update their education and training throughout their careers. The students and teachers were surprised to hear that working in banking and finance is actually very interesting and satisfying.




      Tina Seymour Demoran          

    • Thank You to Tina Seymour Demoran 

      The 8th grade Cyber Foundations classes would like to say "Thank You!!" to  Mrs. Tina Seymour Demoran, JD, RRT for spending the whole day with the students and techers explaining her level of education, her job as a lawyer, and the impact technology has had on the legal profession. Mrs. Demoran is a St. Martin High class of 1990 graduate. She encouraged everyone to treat everyone with kindness, work hard, and find a career that they will love. Mrs. Demoran stressed to students that college is not for everyone and that many well-paying careers can be attained by completing career and technical programs. Thank you, Mrs. Demoran, for supporting your community!                                                                   


    • Jennifer Cartwright Thank You to Jennifer Cartwright

      In October, the 8th grade classes had a guest speaker come talk to all the technology classes. Mrs. Jennifer Cartwright is the Database Marketing Manager at the Hard Rock Casino Biloxi. She discussed the level of education she has and the level of education and skills needed to obtain a job like hers. Database marketing uses computer programs including Microsoft programs, web based coding, and programs built/designed in house specifically for the Hard Rock to aide in day-to-day tasks . Mrs. Cartwright stressed good digital citizenship to the students as more colleges and employers look to social media as a part of their acceptance and hiring processes. She also encouraged the students to be honest when filling out applications and being interviewed. From St. Martin Middle School Cyber Foundations Teachers and Students "Thank You Mrs. Cartwright!".



    • SMMS Book Club 

      The Book Club is an after school activity in which students read chapter books, do weekly book talks, write critiques of the books, and perform a public debate. Meetings are Wednesdays from 2:30 to 3:30 in Mrs. Gemmill's room 212. At dismissal, Mrs. Gemmill walks with the group to St. Martin Upper where students are to be picked up by parents/guardians. Students must have a signed permission slip and transportation home. Students may bring a snack to eat while reading.



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