Dr. Susan Benson
  • Dr. Susan Benson
    Asst. Superintendent
    10700 Yellowjacket Blvd. 
    St. Martin, MS 39564


  • Before taking on the role of assistant superintendent for St. Martin Schools beginning with the 2018-2019 school year, Dr. Susan Benson served as assistant superintendent for the Jackson County School District since 2010. Prior to working in the district, she worked as an administrator and teacher. She has worked as an educator since 1985 in Alabama and Mississippi.

    Dr. Benson earned a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Phoenix. She also earned an additional 36 graduate hours following her Master’s Degree to earn a higher certification in Special Education from the Alabama A & M University. She earned a Master’s Degree in Special Education along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from the University of North Alabama. She currently holds an educational license in elementary education, special education, and administration/leadership. She has 32 years of educational experience and has taught students from every grade ranging from pre-kindergarten to grade twelve. She is passionate about education and learning! In addition to serving the Jackson County School District as an assistant superintendent, Dr. Benson previously served as a teacher, high school and junior high school principal, district special education director, district federal programs director, and state department director (in the Mississippi Department of Education, Offices of Special Education and Federal Programs). In the past, she also served as a high school volleyball coach.

    Dr. Benson is here to help support our schools in all their efforts and programs. The children in our schools are our most valuable and precious resources. They are our hope for the future; therefore, our goal is to provide the support needed to enable each student to gain the most from the education provided in St. Martin.