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    Welcome to Vancleave Middle School!
    We are one, we are family, we are bulldogs!


    Transition & Academic Planning for Military Families

    Jennifer Sharp
    email: jsj2158@jcsd.ms
    office: 228-283-3804

    Kelly Breland
    email: kbj450@jcsd.ms
    office: 228-283-3800


    Resources and Educational Opportunities for Military Students

    Student Handbook

    Educational Resources


    VMS's Student-led Transition Program

    At VMS new military students are paired with a fellow military student and given a campus tour along with the school guidance counselor.


    Exceptional Student Education Services

    Vancleave Middle School works to provide all students with a quality education. More information can be found at JCSD's Department of Special Education.


    Upcoming Military Events

    • Purple Up! Day: Friday, April 21, 2023
      • Everyone will wear purple shirts to celebrate and recognize the Month of the Military Child.


    Mental Health Resources

    Please see our Counselor's Corner for a list of mental health resources. 


    Contact Information for Statewide Military School Liaison

    Larry Mullins, NAS Meridian
    email: MeridianSL@us.navy.mil
    office: 601-679-2473
    cell: 601-479-2025

    Mona Odom, NCBC Gulfport
    email: mona.odom.naf@us.navy.mil
    office: 228-871-2117
    cell: 228-323-6105

    Joni L. Nalley, Columbus AFB
    email: slo2@us.af.mil
    office: 662-434-2792
    cell: 662-352-6456

    Gerald Cross, Keesler AFB
    email: gerald.cross.1@us.af.mil
    office: 228-376-8505