Exemption Policy

  • Schools will administer a comprehensive examination that includes all work completed during a particular Course. This exam will account for 20% of the Term grade.
    No exemptions for 1st or 3rd term courses. Out of School Suspension (at any time during the length of the course) automatically disqualifies a student from exemption in that course Grades 9-12: For a student to be qualified for an exemption in a particular course, he/she must meet one of the criteria listed below:

    1. Have an average of 90-100 for the course and no more than four (4) absences per semester course or no more than two (2) absences per nine (9) week course.
    2. Have an average of 80-89 for the course and no more than two (2) absences per semester course or no more than 1 absence per 9 week course.
    3. Seniors Only: Have a passing average for the course, plus at least a passing average for the last Term of that course and no absences during the last Term of
      that course.
    4. Students in grades 9-11 with perfect attendance for the year (Terms 1-4); who have a passing average can be exempt from the Term 4 exam in May.
      Perfect attendance is defined as being present all day every day.
    5. Those students taking year-long courses may be exempt at each semester using the same criteria as #1 and #2 above.
    6. A student can have only one in school Isolation incident and still be considered for exemption. Absences: All absences are counted toward exemption with the exception of hospitalization and outpatient procedures. Emergency room visits may not qualify. This includes parent notes, doctor excuses, and unexcused absences.

    Note: Some classes will be completed in one Term, and others will be completed in two Terms. Participation in the following activities is not considered an unexcused absence and does not count toward an absence for exemption:

    • School related activities
    • Two senior college days per year, approved by the guidance counselor
    • University honors placement exams approved by the guidance counselor

    Any student who qualifies to be exempt in a particular course has the option of taking the examination for that course. See JCSD School Board Policy IHAA.

Grading Policy



     Numerical Value


    Quality Points

           E1 E2
    A 90-100  3.3-4.0 3.8-4.5 4.3-5.0
    B 80-90  2.5-3.2 3.0-3.7 3.5-4.2
    C 70-79  1.5-2.4 2.0-2.9 2.5-3.4
    D 65-69  1.0-1.4 1.5-1.9 2.0-2.4
    F Below 64 00 00 00


    Tests count 50%, exams count 20%, and daily work counts for 30%. The course average will consist of the average of the two terms. See JCSD School Board Policy IHA.Grade Level Classification
    A student's classification will be determined by the number of units of credit completed prior to the first day of the new school year.

    • To be 10th grade 6 credits
    • To be 11th grade 13 credits
    • To be 12th grade 20 credits

    See JCSD School Board Policy IHA.