• Transportation Directory


Michelle Southern
  • Michelle Southern
    East Central 

    Phone:(228) 588-7032

Michael Heise
  • Michael Heise
    St. Martin 
    Phone:(228) 875-2434

Michael Henry
  • Michael Henry
    Phone:(228) 826-3010

  • The Jackson County School District operates transportation services as required by state law which directs that all school districts furnish transportation to pupils living one or more miles from their attendance center. The district regards transportation as a vital service for students and maintains annual equipment maintenance and driver training programs as to assure safe and efficient operation.

    Student discipline is the shared responsibility of parents and school personnel.

    Riding the school bus is a privilege. This privilege may be revoked due to behavior which prevents the driver and student from having a safe trip to and from school.

    It is unlawful for any individual to board a school bus, other than a scheduled student, a member of the public school administration or faculty, or a law enforcement official. State law (37-41-2) prohibits unauthorized boarding of school buses or interference with passenger boarding or leaving under penalties of fines and/or imprisonment.

    Parents play a vital role in assuring the safety of students served by the school transportation program. Parents may help by reviewing the safety regulations in the Transportation section of the Student Handbook.

    Any questions regarding the overall operation of the particular attendance center’s transportation program may be directed to the local transportation supervisor. Names and numbers are posted in all student handbooks.

    Remember, it is your responsibility to assist the school in providing a safe transportation program.