Department of Technology

  • Teacher Laptop Update

    We have completed teacher laptops in East Central and Vancleave Attendance Centers and are starting in St. Martin tomorrow.  Many of you have already come by and picked them up.  Some have reached out in panic, but don't fear, your files are still there.
    Please follow the steps in the files below to review how to login and access your files.   If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.
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  • Google Shared Drive

    Some of you may have noticed that we have an IT Bits Shared Drive!  We have lots of resources there for everyone to have access to.  Please feel free to look around and let us know what you think or anything that you would like to see.

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  • Access Shared Drives

    Please see the file below for steps for accessing Shared Drives that will take the place of hidden files on the JCSD Website.

    Access Shared Drives

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  • Shortcuts for Gmail & Calendar

    Please see the file below for steps for creating a shortcut to your Gmail and Google Calendar.

    Shortcuts for Gmail & Calendar

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  • Gmail Tips & Tricks

    Please see the file below for tips and tricks on setting up your Gmail in a more friendly way.

    Gmail Tips & Tricks

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  • Gmail App

    This guide will guide you in using the Gmail app on your cell phone, if you wish to get that set up.

    Gmail App Guide

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  • Google Changeover 6/2/2022

    All school employees that report to a principal, please contact your principal for your new password.  If you do not report directly to a principal, please call 228-283-3092 to get your new password.

    Below are links to some helpful guides for using Gmail.

    How to change your Gmail view to mimic Outlook

    How to create a Signature in Gmail

    How to create an Email Group list

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  • Google Credentials Login

    The videos listed below are for your information about the future login change.  We will add more information as we get closer.  We will also be sharing information with your principals throughout the summer.

    1. How to Sign in with Google Credentials 1 (2:07)
    2. How to Sign in with Google Credentials 2 (0:40)
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  • Gmail Update


    This is just a reminder that all email will be changing over to Gmail beginning Wednesday, June 1 at 7:00 am.  

    To access your Gmail, you will follow the steps below: 

    1. Go to
      • You will be prompted to login. Your login will be in the format of first initial last initial j and a series of numbers (ccj3255) which is the beginning of your current username with the domain of (  
      • Your principal has your new password. 
    1. After logging in, you will select Gmail from your Google Workspace page.  
      • The old email address from will only be forwarded to the new email until December 16, 2022.   
      • Your old email will not be there until the migration is complete.  We do not have an exact date for this yet, but it should take place within 6-8 weeks.  
      • Don’t stress too much…you will be able to access Outlook online to retrieve past emails. 
      • Do NOT send email from Outlook.  You will need to send new emails in Gmail.   
      • All new emails will be directed to your Gmail account.   
      • Let all outside contacts know either your new email address ( or your alias (  
    • When all laptops are completed, you will be encouraged to pick up laptops and become familiar with the new processes.
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  • Google Drive Backup

    To help speed up the process and decrease class interruptions, please take a few minutes to watch the short clips and follow the steps to select what folders you want saved.

    1. How to Select Preferences for Google Drive Backup (2:41)
    2. How to Access Computers Files in Google Drive (0:54)
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  • EDLA Signature Page for Students

    Please use the link provided to access the EDLA Signature Page for Students.  This form must be completed by the student and their guardian and returned to the principal.

    EDLA Signature Page for Students

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  • Email

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  • Newsletters

    Please follow the links below to see updates from the IT Department.

    August 6, 2021

    September 13, 2021

    October 1, 2021

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  • ITS Canvas Refresher PowerPoint Presentation

    Provided below are links to the different presentations delivered on August 3rd and 4th to all returning staff.  The focus of the training was to implement the new Canvas template, access old content and curriculum resources, and cross list courses.

    Canvas Refresher Training K-3

    Canvas Refresher Training 4-5

    Canvas Refresher Training 6-12

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  • Accessing Student Usernames

    Use the link provided to access student usernames.

    Student Username Retrieval Link

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Computer Technician Job Opportunities

  • Computer Technician vacancies are administrated through Howard Technology Solutions.  To apply for an open position in this category, please email your resume and credentials to Chris Collins (


    No current vacancies