• 4th Grade Newsletter

    Week of: August 26-30

    Dream beautiful dreams, and then work to make those dreams come true. -Spencer W. Kimball

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  • Language/Spelling

     * Read at home at least 30 minutes daily.

    Spelling List:

    • autograph
    • barometer
    • biography
    • diameter
    • headphones
    • megaphone
    • microchip
    • microphone
    • microscope
    • microwave
    • paragraph
    • perimeter
    • periscope
    • phonics
    • photograph
    • saxophone
    • symphony
    • telegraph
    • telephone
    • telescope                  


    Reading Vocabulary:

    • mumbled - to say something quietly in an unclear way that makes it difficult for people to know what you said
    • apologize - to express regret for doing or saying something wrong; to give or make an apology
    • suspicion - a feeling that someone is possibly guilty of doing something wrong; a feeling that something bad is likely or true
    • capable - able to do something; having the qualities or abilities that are needed to do something
    • revenge - an act or instance of retaliating in order to get even
    • commenced - to enter upon; begin
    • budged - to move slightly
    • nonsense - words or ideas that are foolish or untrue; language that has no meaning
    • considerate - thinking about the rights and feelings of other people
    • patient - able to remain calm and not become annoyed when waiting for a long time
    • delicious - very pleasing and enjoyable
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  • Math

    Monday – Study vocabulary; Page 18, odd numbers

    Tuesday – Study vocabulary; Page 18, evens

    Wednesday - Get Study Guide Signed and Study Math Vocabulary Words

    Thursday – Test


    Math Vocabulary 

    • value - the amount a digit is worth
    • place value - the value of a given place; how much it is worth
    • period - digits in groups of three
    • word form - how a number is written with words or said aloud
    • compare - to decide if one number is greater than, less than, or equal to another number
    • standard form - how a number is written with numerals
    • expanded form - how a number is written to show the place value of each digit
    • greater than - a comparison of two numbers that says one has greater value than the other
    • less than - a comparison of two numbers that says one has less value than the other



    • Heat and Electricity
    • Science Reports


    Social Studies

    • Continents and Oceans



    • Hygiene



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  • August Students of the Month

    Mrs. Anderson - 

    Mrs. DeVitt - 

    Mrs. Glocke - 

    Mrs. Hayes - 

    Mrs. Parker - 

    Mrs. Rhodes - Mason-Kate Keebler

    Mrs. Walters - 



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