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    Week of:  January 25 - 29

    The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible.  

    - Alice Kingsleig - September 

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  • Language/Spelling


    Spelling List:

    • nation
    • creation
    • tradition
    • official
    • special
    • vacation
    • gracious
    • solution
    • lotion
    • tension
    • extension
    • suspension
    • mansion
    • especially
    • addition
    • politician
    • precious
    • motion
    • caution
    • portion


    Reading Skills:  

    Compare and Contrast first- and third-person narrations across different stories; Identify elements of poetry

    Reading Vocabulary:

    • alert - (adj) paying attention and ready to act; (noun) an alarm; (verb) to warn or make aware of
    • ancestor -  (noun) a family member who lived at an earlier time
    • arrest - (verb) to take someone and hold them for breaking the law
    • ascend - (verb) to move upward
    • descend - (verb) to go or come down
    • destructive -  (adj) causing harm or damage
    • frontier - (noun) the outer edge of something, in which whatever is beyond that edge is wild or unknown
    • proceed - (verb) to start or continue in an orderly way
    • surface - (noun) the outside layer; the top
    • tradition - (noun) a belief, custom, or usual way of doing things, handed down within families or other groups


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  • Math

    Math Skills:  


    Homework:  Homework Sheet Homework Sheet


    Math Vocabulary 

    Mrs. Walters's Class: 

    • convert - to write an equivalent measurement using a different unit
    • customary system - the measurement system commonly used in the United States that measures length in inches, feet, yards, and miles; liquid volume in cups, pints, quarts, and gallons; and weight in ounces and pounds
    • metric system - the measurement system that measures length based on meters, liquid volume based on liters, and mass based on grams
    • length - a measure of how long an object is
    • liquid volume - the amount of space occupied by a liquid at rest or their containers
    • weight - the measure of how heavy an object is in standard customary units
    • mass - a measure of how much matter is in an object in the metric system

    Mrs. Rhodes's Class - (Lessons 17 and 18)

    • denominator - the number below the line in a fraction that tells the number of equal parts in the whole
    • equivalent fraction - two or more different fractions that name the same part of a whole or the same point on a number line
    • fraction - a number that names equal parts of a whole or a point on a number line
    • numerator - the number above the line in a fraction that tells the number of equal parts that are being dscribed
    • unit fraction - a fraction with a numerator of 1. Other fractions are built from these fractions
    • benchmark fraction - a common fraction that you might compare other fractions to
    • common denominator - a number that is a common multiple of the denominators of two or more fractions
    • compare - to decide if numbers, amounts, or sizes are greater than, less than, or equal to each other
    • greater than symbol (>) - a symbol used to compare two numbers when the first is greater than the second
    • less than symbol (<) - a symbol used to compare two numbers when the first is less than the second 


    Skills: Energy Sources


    • coal - a solid fossil fuel that is formed from the concentrated remains of plants over very long periods of time
    • compare - to consider the similarities and differences among things
    • energy - what is needed to do work or cause change
    • impact - to directly affect or change
    • needs - requirements for the well-being of an organism
    • nonrenewable resource - materials from Earth that cannot be replaced within a reasonable amount of time; for example: oil, coal, and natural gas



    • Taste Buds


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  • Important Dates:

    • Spelling homework is due every Thursday.
    • Spelling Test will be every Thursday.
    • Reading Skills Daily Grade - January 21
    • Reading Flocabulary Vocabulary Test - January 27
    • Reading Comprehension Test - January 28
    • Science Vocabulary Test - January 29
    • Math Vocabulary Quiz (Walters) - 
    • Math Test (Walters) - 
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