• 3rd Grade Newsletter

     Week of: March 16 - 20

    There are no secrets to success. It is a result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.  - Colin Powell

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  • Reading/Spelling/Language

    ELA Homework:  Daily Common Core Practice Week 4.1 

    Reading Skills: Comparing / Contrasting two stories

    Language Skills: Spoken / Written Language - Lesson 25

    VocabularyContext Clues




    • flags
    • inches
    • dresses
    • pies
    • bushes
    • classes
    • apples
    • colors
    • drums
    • branches
    • things
    • buses
    • benches
    • tracks
    • brushes



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  • Math and Science

    Math Skills: 


    Math Homework

    Mon. – Thurs. night: Review sheet on weekly skills & study multiplication facts (0's, 1’s, 2's, 3's, 4's, 5’s, 6's, 7's, 8's, 9's, 10’s, 11's, 12's, & squares).  Homework should take no longer than 30 minutes. 

    Multiplication Facts:

    Please study daily with your student.  We will practice each day in class, Monday – Wednesday, and take a practice test every Thursday or Friday.  They will have a timed test for a daily grade every 3 weeks on the facts we have learned. MULTIPLICATION AND DIVISION FACTS MUST BE MEMORIZED! Graded multiplication tests are timed.  Students must be able to recite all multiplication facts fluently by the end of the year.  Students will be given 3 seconds per problem.


    Science – 

    March 16-20 - PLTW (Project Lead the Way) Properties of Matter Review

     - in class, Science Lab activities, and BrainPop grades


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    * Please read and question your children on their AR books at home to help increase their comprehension skills! 

    * Please initial behavior chart daily.  



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  • March Students of the Month 

    Mrs. Burns - Ava Hester-Waltman

    Mrs. Daugherty 

    Mrs. Douglas - Savannah Zakrie

    Mrs. Jones - Madison Bolton

    Mrs. McQueen/Mrs. Thrash - Jaxon Guillotte

    Mrs. Parker - 

    Mrs. Slaby - Sophia Turner

    Mrs. Thomas - Parker Lizana


    February Students of the Month 

    Mrs. Burns - Anabelle Sison

    Mrs. Daugherty - Karla Vargas

    Mrs. Douglas - Bryleigh Brochard

    Mrs. Jones - Konner Watson

    Mrs. McQueen/Mrs. Thrash - Rosalyn Gauthier

    Mrs. Parker - Sonny Mazeres

    Mrs. Slaby - Bailey Delgaicco

    Mrs. Thomas - Madison Frame


    January Students of the Month 

    Mrs. Burns - Cynthia Reding-Jimenez

    Mrs. Daugherty 

    Mrs. Douglas - Felicia Thorpe

    Mrs. Jones - Scarlet Fitzgerald

    Mrs. McQueen/Mrs. Thrash - Jillian Freund

    Mrs. Parker - Riley Berryman

    Mrs. Slaby - Alyssa Blackledge

    Mrs. Thomas - Landon Dewberry


    December Students of the Month 

    Mrs. Burns - Bryson Wilkinson

    Mrs. Daugherty - Anna Butler

    Mrs. Douglas - Ethen Duffie

    Mrs. Jones - Gauge McQuagge

    Mrs. McQueen/Mrs. Thrash - Blaine Berryhill

    Mrs. Parker - Suzanna Clayton

    Mrs. Slaby - Sophia Turner

    Mrs. Thomas - Jess Parker


    November Students of the Month 

    Mrs. Burns - Braelynn Cagle

    Mrs. Daugherty - McKenzee Franklin

    Mrs. Douglas - Karsin Miller

    Mrs. Jones - Gia Burney

    Mrs. McQueen/Mrs. Thrash - Carrie Pannell

    Mrs. Parker - Griffin Henley

    Mrs. Slaby - Maci Webb

    Mrs. Thomas - Kortlyn Dees


    October Students of the Month 

    Mrs. Burns - Hunter Storm

    Mrs. Daugherty - Weston Moore

    Mrs. Douglas - Ayden Seymour

    Mrs. Daugherty - Weston Moore

    Mrs. Jones - Rivers Cheramie

    Mrs. McQueen/Mrs. Thrash - Saylor Sims

    Mrs. Parker - Lilli Becvar

    Mrs. Slaby - Cooper Seibert

    Mrs. Thomas - Carlie Kilbern


    September Students of the Month 

    Mrs. Burns - Andee Grace Johnson

    Mrs. Daugherty -

    Mrs. Douglas - Brenn Pavlovich

    Mrs. Jones - Addie Smith

    Mrs. McQueen/Mrs. Thrash - Braylin Webb

    Mrs. Parker - Eli Pickich

    Mrs. Slaby - Gavin Riggle

    Mrs. Thomas - Payton Margherio


    August Students of the Month 

    Mrs. Burns - 

    Mrs. Daugherty -

    Mrs. Douglas - 

    Mrs. Jones - Jagger Harris

    Mrs. McQueen/Mrs. Thrash - 

    Mrs. Parker - Kyleigh Stalnaker

    Mrs. Slaby - Juliet Mills

    Mrs. Thomas - 


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