• 3rd Grade Newsletter

     Week of: Aug. 26-30

    Shoot for the moon! Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars. -Les Brown

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  • Reading/Spelling/Language

    ELA Homework:  Daily Common Core Practice Week 1.4

    Reading Skills: Determine the central message.

    Language Skills: Verb tenses, subject-verb agreement

    VocabularyContext Clues



    • proud
    • boil
    • loud
    • house
    • join
    • cloud
    • sound
    • voice
    • oil
    • round
    • point
    • south
    • found
    • soil
    • ground



    Writing: We will be working on analyzing a writing prompt.  Students will write about how characters change from the beginning of the story to the end of the story.


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  • Math and Science

    Math Skills: 

    Use order & grouping to multiply.  Apply properties of operation as strategies to multiply and divide. Practice multiplication test on 11’s and daily grade on Thursday.  Test Friday.

    Math Homework

    Mon. – Thurs. night: Review sheet on adding and subtracting & study multiplication facts (0s, 1’s, 5’s, 10’s, & 2's).  Homework should take no longer than 30 minutes.  

    Multiplication Facts:

    Please study daily with your student.  We will practice each day in class Mon. – Wednesday and take a practice test every Thursday or Friday.  They will have a timed test for a daily grade every 3 weeks on the facts we have learned.   MULTIPLICATION FACTS MUST BE MEMORIZED! Graded multiplication tests are timed.  Students must be able to recite all multiplication facts fluently by the end of the year.  Students will be given 3 seconds per problem.


    2x0=0  2x1=2  2x2=4  2x3=6  2x4=8  2x5=10   2x6=12   2x7=14   2x8=16  2x9=18  2x10=20  2x11=22  2x12=24


    10x0=0   10x1=10   10x2=20   10x3=30   10x4=40  10x5=50  10x6=60   10x7=70   10x8=80   10x9=90   10x10=100   10x11=110  10x12=120


    5x0=0   5x1=5   5x2=10   5x3=15   5x4=20   5x5=25   5x6=30   5x7=35   5x8=40   5x9=45   5x10=50   5x11=55   5x12=60


    Science – 

    STEMscopes : Inheritance and Variations of Traits lesson.  We will have a vocabulary daily grade on Thursday.

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    * Please read and question your children on their AR books at home to help increase their comprehension skills! 

    * Please initial behavior chart daily.  

    *Fall Pictures - August 29th

    *Progress Reports - September 5th

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  • August Students of the Month 

    Mrs. Burns - 

    Mrs. Douglas - 

    Mrs. Daugherty -

    Mrs. Jones - Jagger Harris

    Mrs. McQueen/Mrs. Thrash - 

    Mrs. Parker - 

    Mrs. Slaby - Juliet Mills

    Mrs. Thomas - 


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