• Class of 2022: Important Dates to Remember

    March 31st

    Flash Drive/ Slideshow Pictures Due 3/31 Cost $25 (optional) Pictures to be included in the slideshow shown at graduation are due by March 31st;. All students should submit pictures even if they aren’t purchasing a flash drive. NO MORE THAN FIVE PICTURES PER SENIOR (2 INDIVIDUALS & 3 GROUPS). You can send in baby pictures, elementary pictures, high school pictures, etc. Only SENIORS are allowed in the pictures. Please email pictures to lindeyjones@jcsd.ms. This flash drive will also include pictures from graduation and other senior events. A message will be sent out through Remind when flash drives can be picked up from the school.

    April 27th

    Senior Awards Day @ 9:00AM Senior Awards Day will take place in the ECHS gym. We will present ECHS club and academic awards, announce college scholarships, recognize students enlisting in the military, etc. Parents/guardians/family are invited. “Sunday Dress” is encouraged but not required. If students do not dress up, they are required to wear their school uniform. (See Dress Code on back.)

    April 28th Baccalaureate Practice @ 9:00AM Students will be bused to Wade Baptist Church. We will return before the end of second block. Graduation caps/gowns will be handed out at this time. If you do not attend practice, you cannot attend Baccalaureate.

    April 29th – Decision Day @ 10:00AM

    Decision Day will take place on the football field. This is a new event where we will celebrate seniors’ plans for their education/career after graduating. A form has been placed in the Senior 2022 Canvas course. Please click on the image of a graduation stole and complete the form by April 8th. If you do not fill out the form, you will not be recognized. Students can wear a school shorts or jeans with a t-shirt representing their choice of college/military/work force or their senior shirt. Parents/guardians/family are invited. ECHS cheerleaders will be selling concessions as a fundraiser.

    May 1st

    Baccalaureate @ 5:00PM Students will arrive at Wade Baptist Church by 4:30 PM. Students will wear their caps and gowns with “Sunday Dress”. Parents/guardians/family are invited. (See Dress Code on back.)

    May 2nd-5th – Senior Exams & Last Day May 2nd – 3rd/4th block exams May 3rd – 1st/2nd block exams

    Seniors’ last day is Thursday, May 5th. Yes, their last day of school is after final exams. We had to make this change due to state testing/AP exams. Students who miss school on May 4th or 5th will be marked absent.

    May 5th

    Senior Sunset @ 6:00PM (new time) Senior Sunset will take place on the football field. A picnic style dinner will be provided for the students. We will have multiple water slides and yard games. Students need to wear the Senior Sunset t-shirt (the shirt is free and will be given out a couple of days in advance) and athletic shorts/swim trunks. Girls may want to wear a swimsuit under their clothes. Bring a towel to sit on/dry off with. This event will end shortly after sunset.

    May 12th

    Senior Walk-Through @ 9:00AM Students will report directly to the ECHS gym by 8:30AM. The walk-through will start at 9:00AM. Parents/guardians/family are invited to wait in the gym as well, but they will not be able to walk INSIDE any of the schools because of a safety issue last year. Parents can also follow the students from school to school and take pictures while the students are outside. During the walk-through, students will have the opportunity to present a Thank You Certificate to one teacher (at any grade level) who impacted their lives. This certificate will be given to the students a week or two in advance. Students will be bused from ECHS/ECLE to ECUE/ECMS and then back to the high school. Students must wear their caps and gowns.

    May 19 – Graduation Practice @ 8:00AM

    Students will report to the ECHS gym by 8:00AM. They will be bused to the coliseum. We will go over everything they need to know for graduation. We will be back before noon. If you do not attend practice, you cannot attend graduation.

    May 19 – Graduation @ 7:00PM

    Students will arrive at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center at 5:30PM. Parents, handicap seating is available on a first come first served basis. Doors open at 5:00PM. Metal detectors will be used.

    Dress Code -Males

    · White button-down oxford-style shirt (long or short sleeve - no polos)

    · A tie or bow tie must be worn

    · Khaki or navy pants (no slits/ragged edges on pant legs - NO JEANS!)

    · Dark dress shoes with dark socks (no tennis shoes)

    Dress Code – Females

    · Appropriate dress (no strapless or spaghetti strap, open back, too short, or low cut; straps should be approximately 1 inch thick)

    · No off the shoulders - One shoulder is acceptable

    · White or dark dress shoes (spiked high heels are NOT recommended due to tripping concerns)

    **If you cannot obtain the appropriate attire, PLEASE see Mrs. Burlison, Ms. Jones, or Mrs. Hart. If you have any questions as to whether something is appropriate or not, please come see us.**




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