Picture of Spanish club members
  • Our Mission: The Spanish Club proposes to promote awareness, appreciation, and understanding of the people and diverse cultural productions of the Spanish-speaking world. It also proposes to contribute and encourage the study and appreciation of the Spanish language. Finally, it proposes to foster friendly relations with other ECHS clubs and organizations, as well as the community, and to work with them to better understand diversity through cultural awareness. We will accomplish this by doing the following:

    • Eat at restaurants that specialize in food from the many Spanish-speaking countries
    • Find out more about the celebrations and holidays of those countries
    • Go to cultural events (like the Biloxi Latin Music Festival and the Mobile International Festival).
    • Movie nights for foreign films or films about Hispanic cultures
    • Listen to and learn about the many different types of music that different countries have as well as their dances
    • Visit ethnic/international food stores
    • Make international dishes
    • Other activities as suggested by the members