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MSIS 2.0

Jackson County School District is committed to the accurate reporting of student information to the Mississippi Department of Education electronic data storehouse: MSIS 2.0

The Jackson County School District’s data will contain the following components:

  • Objectivity: Data is accurate, unbiased and presented in a clear, complete, well documented manner. Objectivity will be achieved by using appropriate data sources and sound analytical techniques, by using proven methods, and by carefully reviewing the content of all information and reports.
  • Integrity: Data will not be compromised through corruption of falsification.
  • Transparency: Our date will have clear description of methods, data sources, assumptions, outcomes and related information that allow users to understand the data.
  • Reproducibility: Our data can be reproduced by others by using the documented methods, assumptions and data sources in order to achieve comparable findings.
  • Utility: Data produced by the district will be useful and available to the intended audience. The requirements, recommendations and examples in this guide will improve data quality for our district. (Policy JRAC)

For more information, please visit Mississippi Student Information System.