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Section 508

Section 508 Information

The Jackson County School District (JCSD) is in the process of restructuring this website.  As a part of this process JCSD is committed to insuring that individuals with disabilities seeking information on our website have comparable access to those without disabilities as required by Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.  If you have difficulty accessing information on this website, even if using assistive technology, including screen readers, eye tracking devices and/or voice recognition software, please contact us by emailing Be sure to include the URL of the webpage and a specific description of the issue if possible. If we are unable to address your specific need of if you are unsatisfied with the response you receive and wish to file a grievance, please follow the procedure below.

Section 508 Grievance Procedure

Contact District Director of Special Education to discuss the issue. If the issue cannot be resolved at this level, the grievant should proceed to the District Assistant Superintendent. Again if the issue is not resolved, the grievant contact the Superintendent of Education. If the Superintendent is unable to address the issue, the grievant may request through the Superintendent a hearing before the School Board. Contact Information below.
District Director of Special Education: (228) 283-3000 Ext 5
District Assistant Superintendent: (228) 283-3000 Ext 2
District Superintendent: (228) 283-3000 Ext 1