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Section 504

Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability Policy

The Jackson County School District will not discriminate on the basis of disability in admission or access to, or treatment or employment in its program and activities to the extent provided by law.

Section 504 and Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinators will handle inquiries regarding the Jackson County School District's nondiscrimination policies, the filing of grievances, and requests for copies of grievance procedures covering discrimination on the basis of disability:

Section 504/ADA Coordinators
504-Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Dr. Tanya Sonnier
ADA-Director of Human Resources
Karen Glass
4700 Colonel Vickrey Road
P.O. Box 5069
Vancleave, MS 39565-5069
Phone:  228-283-3000

Each School has a Multidisciplinary 504 Team in place to review all 504 requests.  Parents/guardians should contact the principal of their respective schools if their child has a disability, which substantially limits one or more major life activities.

Initial Review of 504 to Determine Eligibility:

  • If the District has reason to believe that a student may be eligible under Section 504 as a result of a disability that is impacting the student's education, and that the student may be in need of special accommodations or related services in the regular education setting in order to participate in the school program, the district must first follow its procedures for a comprehensive evaluation for IDEA, including the requirement to implement the Three-Tier Intervention Process.  See JCSD Policy IEI.
  • One exception to this rule is that the student may be considered for 504 without going through the Three-Tier Intervention process if chronic health problems exist, or if the school and parents agree that the student has a disability that would likely qualify the student for IDEA services and interventions would have little or no impact.
  • After ineligibility for IDEA is determined, the principal will convene his or her school's Multidisciplinary 504 Team and review the referral to determine if further evaluation is needed.  The principal will notify the student's parent/guardian of the decision.
  • See JCSD Policy IDDHB for more detailed guidance concerning 504 eligibility.