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Curriculum & Instruction


Welcome to Our School District's Curriculum and Instruction Program

Our district offers a streamlined and systematic instructional program to support our teachers and staff. We provide essential resources and professional development opportunities to help all students achieve their full academic potential and prepare for success in the modern workforce.

Our Responsibilities:
  • Curriculum Leadership: Oversee K-12 curriculum across all subjects for our 9,500 students.
  • Professional Development: Organize and coordinate training programs for teachers and staff.
  • Instructional Resources: Provide and support educational materials and tools.
  • Dropout Prevention: Develop and implement strategies to keep students engaged and enrolled.
  • District Assessments: Create and manage assessments across all grades and subjects.
  • Teaching Practices: Support best practices and differentiated instruction to meet diverse student needs.
  • Administrator Support: Offer curriculum guidance to school administrators.
  • Data and Accountability: Prepare and present data reports, ensuring compliance with instructional standards.
We aim to ensure every student and teacher has the tools and support needed for academic success.