Dr. John Strycker has been in education for over 30 years serving as an industrial arts teacher, coach, Technology Director, Director of Facilities & Operations, and Superintendent of Schools. Dr. Strycker began his teaching and coaching career in Indiana and retired from Algonac, Michigan, as the Superintendent of Schools in 2017.  Upon  retirement, he accepted a position in Butler County as Superintendent of Schools. He is now looking forward to moving to Jackson County  to   once  again   serve  as  superintendent.  This marks his 15th year as a district superintendent.

    Dr. Strycker is committed to serving the students of Jackson County as the lead educator, lead learner and lead advocate for students. While not always perfect  in  his  decisions,  he  will stand steadfast to his commitment to all children, even when such commitment is not popular with all adults. His core philosophy of education has students at its foundation. As the Jackson County School District Superintendent, he will provide the following for his students:

    1. A quality academic education with engaging instruction in all core and elective subjects 
    1. A model of leadership with instruction in character 
    1. A sense of community and family 

    While Dr. Strycker was an industrial arts teacher, he valued process above philosophy. If a piece of wood needed to be cut a foot long, he measured it, marked it, and cut it a foot long. He now values both process and philosophy in his leadership. He focuses his actions on the process while maintaining a philosophy that is student centered. He has a clear vision, a precise plan, and an admirable work ethic.

    Dr. Strycker received his Bachelor of Science from Ball State University, Technology Leadership endorsement from Indiana University, Masters of Arts from Central Michigan University, Educational Specialist from Saginaw Valley State University, and Doctor of Education from Walden University.

    Dr. Strycker is proud of his two children, Clayton and Sarah.  Dr. Strycker is from Plymouth, Indiana, where the majority of his family still resides. He is involved in his church and community and values the support they offer. He is also very passionate about helping young people achieve and engage in positive activities. Dr.  Strycker recognizes the importance of a supportive school community family in the development of young people and looks forward to serving the students and school community of Jackson County School District.



    Dr. John Strycker
    Dr. John Strycker
    Superintendent of Education
    Jackson County Schools
    (228) 283-3000