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  • Information about the Child Nutrition Program


    Lunch Charge Policy
    Grades K-5 will be allowed to charge a maximum of five (5) meal charges at any given time. Grades 6-12 will be allowed to charge a maximum of one (1) meal charge at any given time. After the maximum charge is reached the student will be sent to the office to contact the parent/guardian. Parents will be sent a request for "Payment in Full". All charges not paid before the end of the school year will be carried forward into the next school year. Seniors must pay all charges before graduation.(School Board Policy EEDA) All returned checks are handled by NexCheck.

  • Benefits of Free or Reduced Lunches
    Even if your high school student does not use the free/reduced meal benefits, there are other benefits that are well worth applying for free/reduced meal eligibility.

    Did you know......?

    If your high school junior/senior qualifies for free/reduced meals that he/she can receive 2 vouchers to take the ACT for free?
    If your high school student takes an AP exam, instead of paying the testing fee of $89.00 the free/reduced status reduces the test cost to $15?
    And that when your senior applies for college the free/reduced status eliminates college application fees at many colleges and universities?

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