• 3rd Grade Newsletter

     Week of: November 30 - December 4

    If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.  - Martin Luther King Jr.

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  • Reading/Spelling/Language

    ELA Homework:  Daily Common Core Practice Week 2.7 


    Reading Skills: Review


    Language Skills: Review

    Vocabulary: Context Clues


    Writing: We will be working on restating the question, answering the question, citing evidence, and explain/sum it up.



    • friend
    • very
    • people
    • your
    • after
    • busy
    • other
    • were
    • should
    • once
    • would
    • sure
    • little
    • every
    • could


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  • Math and Science

    Math Skills: 

    Comparing fractions. Compare two fractions with same numerator or same denominator by reasoning about their size

    Math Homework:

    Tuesday - Thursday night - Review sheet on weekly skill and study multiplication facts. Homework should take no longer than 30 minutes.


    Multiplication Facts:

    Please study daily with your student.  We will practice each day in class Monday – Wednesday and take a practice test every Thursday or Friday.  They will have a timed test for a daily grade every 3 weeks on the facts we have learned. MULTIPLICATION FACTS MUST BE MEMORIZED! Practice and graded multiplication tests are timed.  Students must be able to recite all multiplication facts (0 – 12s) fluently by the end of the year.  Students will be given 3 seconds per problem.


    Review all facts 0-12


    Science Skills: 

    Earth's Processes



    • Crust – the rocky, solid, outermost layer of Earth
    • Mantle – made of silicates, is the layer between the crust and the core
    • Outer Core – made of hot liquid metals (iron and nickel)
    • Inter Core – solid; made of iron and nickel
    • landforms – features on Earth’s surface, such as mountains, valleys, volcanoes, plains, canyons, and islands
    • weathering - the process of wearing away, dissolving, or breaking down rock
    • erosion – the process of moving sediment after it has been weathered (by water, wind, ice and gravity)
    • deposition – the process of placing sediment in a new location after it has been moved by water, wind, ice or gravity
    • canyons – are carved over a million years by weathering and erosion
    • mountains – formed by constructive forces pushing rocks into folded layers
    • plains – are a large, flat area of land with no mountains, hills, or valleys.
    • valleys – form when rivers or glaciers erode land between mountains
    • Islands – a small body of land surrounded by water


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  • Announcements

    • Please initial behavior chart daily.  
    • Please remember to check Wednesday folders for grades/important information, sign, and return on Thursday.


    • Daily Spelling Grade on Thursday 
    • Spelling Test Friday.
    • Kona Ice Schedule
      • Dec. 4
      • Jan. 8
    • 12 Days of Christmas - December 3-18
    • 60% Day - December 18
    • Christmas break - December 21-January 4



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  • Students of the Month 



    Ms. Burns - Aubree Faulk

    Ms. Daugherty - Hallie Harris

    Ms. Douglas - K'La Murillo

    Ms. Jones - Braylon Johnson

    Ms. McQueen - Dallas Bell

    Ms. Parker - Harper Evans

    Ms. Slaby - Harrison Elkins

    Ms. Thomas - Emma Hammonds



    Ms. Burns - Gavin Zirlott

    Ms. Daugherty - John Hayden Hodges

    Ms. Douglas - Ethan Bush

    Ms. Jones - Harper Henry

    Ms. McQueen - Hunter Peterson

    Ms. Parker - Kayleigh Reyer

    Ms. Slaby - Harper Shirley

    Ms. Thomas - Fisher Hackler



    Ms. Burns - Shelby Miles

    Ms. Daugherty - Zoey Barton

    Ms. Douglas - Jayson Carroll

    Ms. Jones - Maddox Dycus

    Ms. McQueen - Jack Pylate

    Ms. Parker - Brayden Norton

    Ms. Slaby - Brooks Allred

    Ms. Thomas - Jelanie Davis



    Ms. Burns - Alexia Brown

    Ms. Daugherty - Colum Vice

    Ms. Douglas - Collier Bosarge

    Ms. Jones - Ashtyn Frame

    Ms. McQueen - Ramsey Ridgdell

    Ms. Parker - Laney Bennett

    Ms. Slaby - Bristal Webster

    Ms. Thomas - Caleb Mares


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